David Meade: Seeing Dance

New York-based Chloe Kastner’s Untouchables programme took a considered look at three relationships. Different times, different places, but all in their own way deeply affecting the people involved.

Most heart-wrenching of the three short pieces is the opening Dear Son. Through letters spoken by Patricia Swieteck, it tells the story of a mother and her son who goes off to fight in the Second World War. It is striking how quickly young soldiers found themselves in action, and how quickly some died. We see what would turn out to be a last goodbye, moving through a first letter home on January 11, 1942, to a final one dated April 30 the same year.

Rather than attempting to dance the words themselves, Kastner’s choreography evokes the feelings and emotions behind them. Natalie Ramos as the mother was particularly powerful in the closing scenes as expressed her anger at the death of her son (played just right by Marco Fiumara), and the railing of her at what the army had asked of him.

Mason King

Without a shadow of a doubt some of the most technically proficient contemporary dancing I’ve ever seen, telling the story of several extremely sensitive subjects. Amazing acting that will make you genuinely feel the emotions of the characters coupled with wonderful choreography. A definite 5 star and recommend everyone to check out this group if they can!

Ry Herman

A show with strong dancing, great choreography, and powerful themes. The third and longest piece was especially good. This show won't be here for much longer, so see it while you can!

Shaun Higgins

Saw this show tonight - wow! I'm not usually a fan of 'contemporary' dance styles, but these guys showed a really thorough knowledge of dance, and their technical ability is off the charts! Considering several members of the group participates in more than one dance, their stamina and familiarity with the choreography deserves a lot of respect. I'm sure we'll hear more from these guys in the future!

Christopher McDougall

what a great show - absolutely blown away with how gracefully you handed such taboo subjects and how talented you all are - definitely worth a watch if you fancy some visual dance, accompanied by spoken word!!