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Past Works

Letters to no one

Letters to no one is a deep dive into the very personal lives of three strangers. Danced to spoken word poetry written by Chloe Kastner as well as spoken word artists Hotel Books and Tanner Olsen. Get submerged into the lives of completely different points of view. Everyone is struggling in their own way. You never know the battle the stranger on the subway is fighting. Be kind to everyone.

Joy Is Sick

The struggle of addiction depicted by the dancers' relationship with a light bulb. When the light is on the addiction is in full swing. When off, the dancers are in a state of raw sobriety. Contemporary group dance with small hip hop excerpt. This piece shines a light on not only addiction but how the government uses addiction as a way to make money in the pharmaceutical industry.

Break the Silence

Break the Silence exposes the world of modern-day slavery in the human trafficking industry. This dance was created to unveil the pain that over 3 million people experience on a daily basis. The movement tells individual stories through athleticism and grace. 

Hotel Books

A crumbling relationship between two people. Searching how to find comfort in endings. Music is all spoken word done by the band Hotel Books. 

Dear Son

After her son is drafted into World War II a single mother anxiously anticipates her son's return. The story progresses through letters that are spoken by a live actor. 


Improvisational solo done by Chloe Kastner

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